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Cruising from Southampton!

Cruising from Southampton, England offers a unique and convenient way to explore the beautiful waters of Europe and beyond. With a variety of cruise lines sailing from this port, travelers have many options to choose from. In this blog, we will take a look at some of the different cruise lines and the best featuresContinue reading “Cruising from Southampton!”


Swimming with Manatees at Plantation, Crystal Rivers

If you are looking for an option to break up the visits to theme parks, I highly recommend a trip up to Crystal Rivers to experience the swim with manatees in the wild. We took a detour via Tampa to visit the Tampa Buccaneers stadium for our NFL mad teen. If you have an NFLContinue reading “Swimming with Manatees at Plantation, Crystal Rivers”

Orlando Magic v Miami Heat

Basketball Experience When you visit Orlando, don’t just think of theme parks, because it has so much more to offer. Our son is a big basketball fan so we decided this time to take in a game. We purchased the tickets via Ticketmaster. It is a bit convoluted as you have to do it viaContinue reading “Orlando Magic v Miami Heat”

Shopping, Shopping, Shopping

Orlando Shopping Days When you come to Florida at Christmas, don’t forget to bring at least half a case in weight free for Christmas gifts. There are some amazing shopping opportunities in Florida and here are our favourites: The Mall at Millenia, Orlando Not just a shopping experience, more a destination. There is something forContinue reading “Shopping, Shopping, Shopping”

Antojitos Mexican Restaurant Review

Antojitos is one of the newest restaurants at Universal City Walk so we thought we’d give it a try. The decor is exquisitely done and really gives guests an authentic but modern experience. You are welcomed with a huge bowl of nachos and salsa which is filling enough to have instead of a starter. TheContinue reading “Antojitos Mexican Restaurant Review”

Florida 2021 – Day 1

Travelling wasn’t as difficult as we thought it would be! After 2 years we are finally back in Florida and it was so much easier than we expected. Having expected lengthy check in procedures and queues, we were pleasantly surprised. Using the Verifly app we were able to log all our documents in advance andContinue reading “Florida 2021 – Day 1”

5* Esperides Resort & Spa – Koutouloufari – Crete

If 5* means the glitz and glam of the Bellagio in Las Vegas or the formality of the Ritz in London to you, then look away now, because The Esperides Resort & Spa in Koutouloufari has none of this glitzy formality. The owner Yainnis has managed to perfectly combine Cretan Village charm with 5* serviceContinue reading “5* Esperides Resort & Spa – Koutouloufari – Crete”


The resumption of international travel will be possible from 17th May 2021 in accordance with the UK Government’s traffic light system. The list of countries will be reviewed every 3 weeks. Note these restrictions apply to England only at this time. GREEN: There are 12 countries or territories under this category. Of these, 4 haveContinue reading “INTERNATIONAL TRAVEL UPDATE – 7th May 2021”

The Ale Trail

With pubs being closed for months and beer festivals across Europe cancelled for 2020, if like us you are hankering after some great craft beers then why not plan a blow out in 2021. During lockdown we’ve taken part in a number of great virtual beer events, but its just not the same as beingContinue reading “The Ale Trail”

Top 10 Disney Tips for First Time Visitors

After our 12th visit to Disney, I thought it would be a great idea to share tips for new visitors to the parks.  Going to Disney can be daunting the first time, even for a spreadsheet planner like me.  You want it to be perfect for your family, so attempt to plan it in minute detail,Continue reading “Top 10 Disney Tips for First Time Visitors”